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At HACT and OCSI, we have been working hard to develop an affordable, accessible and usable GIS system for housing providers. Whilst some larger providers have invested heavily in this space, most housing providers still under-utilise the huge opportunities offered by the coming together of affordable GIS mapping technologies and the explosion in open data.

Community Insight enables housing providers to upload their Unity Property Reference Number (UPRN)/ Geographic Information System (GIS) coded stock databases, define neighbourhoods and create custom reports and visual data overlays on live data from a full range of critical social indicator sets, including environment, crime, health, employment, deprivation, educational attainment and other publicly held datasets. This will include key demographic and other stats from the latest Census data when this is issued between Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013, providing crucial information on the neighbourhoods housing providers work in, and helping provide the evidence base necessary to engage with local partners, track impact and prioritise service delivery.

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