Population Insight Webinar Summary

Thanks to all those who were able to make it for our live discussion on the new housing tool, Population Insight.

For those of you unable to attend, check out the script below to see what was discussed during the webinar.

The main points covered in the session were:

  • Data shading on the map, in particular for groups with properties only covering small geographic areas
  • Extracting data for other key socioeconomic indicators
  • Uploading and mapping your own datasets
  • Adding in different scales on the map, including Output Areas
  • Different methods of creating stock groups
  • How practitioners are using the tool to identify population changes in their communities

We hope you are enjoying and making the most of this tool!

If you have any further feedback or comments do not hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise we look forward to meeting with you next for the next live webinar session!