Download your property data and pilot ready for customising your groups

In this week’s update we are mainly gearing up for the release of the ‘different stock types’ functionality, which was the most requested feature at the user group in March. But we’ve also found time to go-live with a useful new feature where you can now download your property data by stock group, as well as the usual tweaks and tidies.

Downloading your property data by group : Many users have wanted to be able to download their stock by group, to make it easier to edit the groups separately. You can now do this directly – look for the link under ‘Edit stock groups’ to quickly download your properties (both postcodes and unique reference numbers) for viewing and editing. If you want to edit the actual properties in each group, you can now download, edit and upload in a couple of minutes.

Testing the ‘Different stock types’ feature: The most-requested feature from users at the user-group session in March was to allow different types of property type (General Needs, Shared Ownership, Supported Housing and so on), and for users to be able to create their own types. This is now running on the testing server, with a few early users having a go at the functionality before it goes live. We are aiming to have the full feature live in the next couple of weeks, meaning that users can even better tailor Community Insight to their organisation.

Tweaks and tidies: We have made Community Insight even more secure, moving the user features onto a secure platform to avoid ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks and other exotically named hacks. And we have been busy under the Community Insight bonnet making sure that the tool always runs as smoothly as possible, including optimisations for Internet Explorer 10.

And as always, check back regularly to see what is new, and do get in touch with any comments or feedback.