Who is on your patch?

For housing providers operating across multiple areas, getting information on who is working in your neighbourhoods can sometimes be a difficult and time consuming task. And when looking to move into new neighbourhoods, it can be helpful to find out first who else is active in that area. Perhaps you want to work with other organisations on joint projects to address the needs of a neighbourhood. Or maybe to ensure you are not duplicating services. Or perhaps you have some stock that you want to rationalise, and you want to get an idea of who is already active in that area and might be interested in taking it on.

We are therefore very excited to announce the launch of the new ‘My Patch’ functionality in Community Insight. This tool allows Community Insight subscribers to instantly get a read out of all the other housing providers are active in each of your neighbourhoods. All users can now access a “My Patch tab on their Community Insight account, where they will find all of their stock groups listed. By picking any of your areas you will get a list of every social landlord that has let at least one property in that area in the last five years.”

This functionality has been made possible by DCLG’s release to HACT of five years of CORE lettings data. We are very grateful to the Department for making this powerful information available as open data; it will further enhance housing providers’ insight into the areas they work in, and hence the benefits they are able to deliver to those communities.

This is the first of several major feature upgrades being added to Community Insight this autumn, and these upgrades are included free in your subscription. If you do not yet use Community Insight, please contact us to arrange a demonstration, and find out how you can increase your knowledge of your neighbourhoods, and those working near you.