Categorisation of stock groups

Following a successful testing period for users on our beta site, we have just launched a new feature for Community Insight to make it even easier to examine your different neighbourhoods.

Community Insight users can now create their own custom categories to group their neighbourhoods. As with many of the other features of Community Insight, this has been designed to be flexible so you can use it in the way that makes most sense for your organisation: we do not predefine the categories or place constraints on how they should be used. You could use them to group together different types of areas (e.g. having a category for all of your housing management areas) or to categorise geographically – it’s entirely up to you.

The system has already been updated to use the categories to organise the drop-down selection of areas on the map page, the dashboard chart page filter of areas and your list of reports. There will soon be further upgrades to also use the categories on the matrix dashboard view and the ‘My Patch’ functionality.