Report management functionality improved

Since its launch, Community Insight’s users have had the ability to generate detailed reports on areas with a few clicks of the mouse. Many have told us this has transformed the way that they considered the neighbourhoods they work in (and those where they are considering working): rather than having to make a business case for commissioning a consultant to produce a report on a neighbourhood, typically costing £2000-£3000, within 10 minutes you can have 50 page reports on several neighbourhoods, and you can generate as many of them as you wish.

As housing providers have been making more and more use of these reports, we have upgraded the feature to give users more control over the reports. In November we upgraded the functionality to allow you to request updated reports for an area, making it easier to produce an up-to-date profile of an area using the latest reporting template. Recognising that you might not want to lose access to old reports, we set this feature up so that the new report does not over-write the existing one.

Following that upgrade we have now further enhanced the reporting features to allow you to delete reports you no longer want to see on the system. This latest upgrade means that you can create as many reports as you want, safe in the knowledge that you will not be overwhelmed with them and, of course, if you want to keep hold of a copy in your archives you can download them to your own system before deleting them.