Important news about Community Insight & Internet Explorer 8

Although Community Insight does not officially support Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) we have always tried to ensure that functionality works with IE8 as we are aware that there are some Community Insight users that are still using this browser. Where possible, we have carried out additional development work to ensure features work with IE8, and fixed issues highlighted by IE8 users.

As of September 2015, Google are discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 8 inside Google Maps. In addition, Microsoft have announced they will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 from January 2016 for desktop operating systems.

Given these upcoming changes that Google and Microsoft are implementing, we will stop supporting IE8 for new features and fixes from September 1st 2015. This does not mean that Community Insight will stop working, but means that features are not guaranteed to work for IE8 users and will likely become less compatible as time goes on.

In line with these changes we will:

  • Stop implementing IE8 specific fixes for new features.
  • Stop testing new and old features against IE8.
  • Stop implementing fixes for issues that only affect IE8 (or earlier) browsers.

In order to get the most out of Community Insight (and indeed most other things offered by the world wide web!), we recommend that you upgrade to a more recent browser. We support all modern browsers – Internet Explorer (9+), Firefox & Chrome are the most popular browser choices we have come across.

One Community Insight user, Your Housing Group have recently upgraded to Firefox.

“We’ve found FireFox a great improvement on our previous browser.  The screen layout is much better and easier to navigate.  We’ve found  Community & Value Insight run much quicker on FireFox and don’t get delays when uploading which we had with our older versions of Internet Explorer.  It saves lots of time and make the whole process much simpler.

We still have Internet Explorer to use for most web access and our intranet but have FireFox installed as well just to use with Community and Value Insight.”

Janine Greenall – Your Housing Group

If you have any questions on the upcoming changes or would like some advice on upgrading your internet browser, please get in touch on