Take better screenshots in Community Insight with new Display Mode functionality

Visualising datasets on the maps in Community Insight overlaid with your stock groups and stock is one of the core uses of the tool. We receive a lot of feedback that including images of the maps in reports, grant applications and presentations is a real benefit in being able to communicate a story with data.

To create these images, we always recommend that you use Snipping Tool (or Grab if you are a Mac user).

However, we are aware that it can sometimes be a fiddly and cumbersome task to get the image that you want – without including all the icons and site headers.

To help tackle this, we are excited to release new functionality that allows you to see your map full-screen, with all the screen furniture removed. This makes it far simpler to get that perfect screenshot, and you are able to see more of the maps at once – hoorah!

Who can use this Functionality?

Any user of Community Insight, whether you are a View Reports User, Power User or Group Admin can benefit from the Display Mode functionality.

ci - 4 as a jpeg

How does it work?

When you navigate to the Maps page, you will now see a Display button in the top right. Clicking on this will remove all screen furniture so that you can see the map in full.

Any area or stock icons that you have loaded on the screen before pressing the Display button will be shown when viewing in Display Mode.

You can still interact with the screen, so you can zoom in or zoom out and position the image exactly as you like.

From here, you can now take your screenshot, either using Print Screen or the Snipping Tool.

To return to view maps as normal, simply hit Escape on your keyboard.

It works when viewing data too

You can also use Display Mode when you view datasets on the map. Simply select a dataset from the Data icon and hit the Display button.

The legend will be displayed on the map in the top right-hand corner and all the remaining screen furniture will be removed.

Full guidance and feedback

For more information on using the Display Mode, please read through the Knowledge Base. 

If you have any thoughts & feedback on this new functionality, we would love to hear it! Your feedback helps us improve Community Insight, to ensure that it’s meeting all your needs while keeping the tool intuitive and accessible by all.

You can get in touch with the Support Team on support@ocsi.co.uk or on 01273 810270.